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Diffusion inserter

Product advantages
The diffusion automatic loading and unloading machine is capable of automatically placing the pre-diffusion silicon wafer from the silicon wafer carrying case into the diffusion glass quartz boat, and automatically placing the diffused silicon wafer from the diffusion quartz boat into the silicon wafer carrying case. device of. This device has good compatibility, can be compatible with vertical boat and diamond-shaped boat, and can correspond to the pitch of 4.76mm and 2.38mm, 3.8mm of quartz boat.

●Capacity: ≥6000-8000 pieces/hour (adjustable); actual production capacity is specifically referred to the actual plan;
●Can be customized according to customer requirements, better quality assurance;
●Scientific and reasonable mechanism design: precise suction cup construction ensures high reliability of the machine;
●Low fragmentation rate: ≤0.05%;
●Up to 98.5% uptime: mature and stable equipment and software design; precision, reliable and durable parts;
●Easy and quick operation and easy and easy maintenance;
●The PLC controls the man-machine interface, which is easy to understand and easy to operate. The installation time is short, and the installation and commissioning production can be completed within 3-5 days.

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