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Automatic loading and unloading machine principle of injection molding machine

The automatic loading and unloading machine of injection molding machine is widely used in the raw material conveying industry of injection molding machines, extruders and other equipments. It has the advantages of convenient installation, simple operation and operation, strong long-distance conveying ability, stable production and reliable operation and branching, and complete automation. Auxiliary equipment for production. Next, I will introduce the principle of the automatic loading and unloading machine of the injection molding machine.
When there is no material in the hopper, the mechanical air switch will fall down and open the sensor switch. When the sensor switch is turned on, the relay of the main unit is turned on to let the motor start running. The motor runs to drive the air exhaust device and starts to pass the air filter to the small hopper. Under the action of suction, the mechanical air switch closes the discharge port to form a small hopper vacuum.
The feed port has a material pipe leading to the hopper, and the raw material starts to enter the small hopper. The raw material is isolated by the filter net and does not suck into the motor direction. When the motor setting action time arrives, the small hopper has no vacuum and the mechanical air switch falls, and the raw material falls. In the dryer, the cycle ends.

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