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The characteristics and advantages of truss robots

1. The fully automatic operation mode of the truss robot, from feeding, reclaiming, turning over, feeding, and unloading. Free up labor from day-to-day boring labor, and concentrate on product quality inspection and machine adjustment. Originally, only one employee could be configured for one machine. Now, one employee can be configured with 3-4 machines.
2. The truss robot has stable motion, mature technology and simple manual operation.
3. The use of truss robots is less invested, and the investment in the year is recovered in the same year.
4. When the product is replaced, the adjustment is simple, and the general operator can learn without special technology.
5, does not rely on the machine controller to control, the robot uses an independent control module, does not affect the machine operation.
6, good rigidity, stable operation, very convenient maintenance.
7. Optional: independent silo design, silo independent automatic control. Optional: Independent pipeline.
8, electrical control uses a control system, there are touch screen display of various parameters, lack of materials with alarm prompts.
1. The truss robot can do some high-risk work, greatly improving the breadth and breadth of the work.
2. Improve labor efficiency. The daily maintenance of the loading and unloading truss robot is simple. Compared with the workers, the efficiency is greatly improved.
3. The truss robot avoids work accidents, reduces the risk of the enterprise, and guarantees the quality of the enterprise.
4. The truss robot is suitable for more complex environments and is not affected when working at high or low temperatures.
5, reduce labor errors, workers will be affected by fatigue and emotional reasons, and the loading and unloading truss robot will not be affected.

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