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Graphite boat loading and unloading machine (online, offline)

Product advantages
The tubular PECVD loading and unloading machine is a device that automatically loads a battery sheet from a battery carrier or a flower basket to a PECVD graphite boat or automatically loads it into a battery carrier box or a flower basket from a PECVD graphite boat. The device is designed to be compact, using a sophisticated robotic system, compact, uniquely designed structure to effectively reduce the chip fragmentation rate. It can also dock the main process equipment, realize online transportation and seamlessly connect the main equipment. We can produce non-standard equipment according to customer requirements to better meet customer needs.

●Capacity: ≥3600 pieces/hour (21 pieces of graphite boat) (the actual production capacity is specifically referred to the actual plan);
●World-renowned brand six-axis robot, flexible and precise motion control;
●Mature scientific fixture design, contact with the battery sheet during operation, and very gentle handling to reduce debris;
●Low fragmentation rate: ≤0.3%; designed precision suction system and precise graphite boat positioning mechanism to ensure low fragmentation rate, compared with traditional manual unloading, the fragmentation rate is reduced, and new employees do not need to adapt to proficiency for a long time;
●Running time is up to 98.5%;
●Mature and stable equipment and software design; precision and durable parts;
●The PLC control man-machine interface is easy to understand, easy to operate, and the installation time is short. The installation and commissioning production can be completed within 2-3 days.

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