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The company is planned and initiated by multiple industry elites, each with 8-20 years of technological accumulation in the industry. Since its establishment in 2018, Weiyou has been committed to the development and manufacturing of Industry 4.0 and automation equipment. The product range includes welding fixtures, welding workstations, automatic online testing, riveting nuts, thread sleeve workstations, automatic dispensing machines, automatic locking screw machines, automatic aging testing lines, CCD intelligent detection and other automation equipment, Satisfied the needs of numerous manufacturing industry customers. Not only that, we also provide customers with rich technical references and professional technical solutions, earning them many good reputations.

Today, we further improve our technical and service quality to provide customers with more customized products and services. From plan determination to equipment manufacturing to on-site service support, we always rely on professional technical personnel to respond quickly and efficiently complete customer needs, thereby saving customers valuable time.

In the future, we will continue to take assisting customers as our mission to provide customers with suitable and satisfactory products and solutions. We are willing to work with you towards success and the future!
◆ Our services 
Weiyou is based in Danyang, Jiangsu and has established an office in Changzhou. From Fortune 500 giants to small and medium-sized customers, we strive to provide solutions that can improve the quality and efficiency of their automated production.

We can provide you with the following lean production solutions:
● Automatic assembly
● Automatic welding
● Automatic testing
Automatic installation of threaded sleeves and rivet nuts
● Automatic laser marking
● Automatic aging test
● Automatic ultrasound
CCD intelligent detection scheme
● Automatic assembly and packaging
● Integration of automatic lines based on the above units

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