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Guide machine (flower basket - flower basket, flower basket - stack)

Product advantages
The leader machine is a multifunctional tool change device for guiding, inserting and laminating from the flower basket or stacking box to the flower basket and stacking tool. The device is compact in design, small in floor space, low in fragmentation rate, fast in speed and high in productivity, and can well protect the interests of customers.

●High efficiency: the maximum capacity can reach 6000 pieces / hour;
●Economical and practical: small footprint, can achieve a variety of functions such as guides, inserts, laminations;
●Low breakage: ≤0.05%; guarantees low fragmentation rate, avoids artificial contact with silicon wafers, and reduces fragmentation rate compared with traditional manual loading and unloading sheets.
●New employees do not need to adapt to proficiency
●The PLC controls the man-machine interface, which is easy to understand, easy to operate, and has a short installation time. The installation and commissioning production can be completed within 2 days.

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