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Industrial robot application

Industrial robot application, handling / welding / loading / unloading / palletizing, etc.
Industrial Robot Application Solutions
The robot has the characteristics of high safety, high efficiency, large labor saving, obvious cost saving, and can work 24 hours a day, greatly improving labor productivity.

Application field
1. Handling robot application is an industrial robot that can carry out automated handling operations. Handling is the process of holding a workpiece with one device, moving from one machining position to another. The handling robot can be equipped with different end effectors to complete the workpiece handling work in various shapes and states, which greatly reduces the heavy manual labor of human beings. Handling robots are widely used in automatic loading and unloading of machine tools, automatic production lines for presses, automatic assembly lines, palletizing, and containers.
2. Robot welding applications mainly include spot welding and arc welding used in the automotive industry. Although spot welding robots are more popular than arc welding robots, arc welding robots have developed rapidly in recent years. Many processing shops have gradually introduced welding robots for automated welding operations.
3, loading and unloading robot, is a multi-axis robot for industrial field, SCARA, is a machine that can automatically perform work, the application field of loading and unloading robot is more and more wide, many industries through industrial robots, robots and whole plant automation solutions Planning to realize “unmanned factories” and “no-lighting workshops” in the manufacturing industry.
4. Robot assembly application, assembly robot is mainly engaged in the installation, disassembly and repair of parts.

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