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Automatic loading and unloading equipment From the perspective of system integration, cold storage planning and construction should first grasp these three key points.

First, in all norms and standards systems, unitized logistics is something that should be taken seriously. The consistency of the unit itself in the upstream and downstream will have a revolutionary impact on cold chain logistics. In recent years, various specifications of logistics equipment have been formulated, especially the specifications of shelves have been very detailed. Other aspects, although not perfect, have rules to follow.
Second, choosing materials that are suitable for low temperature environments is critical. The logistics equipment in low temperature environment is different from normal temperature. Many electrical equipment cannot work normally below minus 15 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is very important to create a relatively independent working environment. In terms of equipment, some materials have fundamental changes in their mechanical properties at low temperatures. In addition, lubrication and lighting are also very different from normal temperature, so attention should be paid to the design.
Third, as a type of warehouse, cold storage must also strictly meet the building fire protection regulations. Due to the low temperature, the automatic sprinkler system usually does not work normally in a cold storage environment, so it is impossible to set up an automatic sprinkler system in the cold storage, and other measures may be considered if necessary.

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