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Maintenance of daily operations of truss robots

1. Guarantee to shut down when not applicable, let the truss robot really rest.
2. Regularly check the control circuit for de-soldering, broken ends and loose screws.
3, moisture-proof, the truss robot's motor should not be damp, store it in a dry place. Also pay attention to cover with tarpaulin when storing, to prevent moisture intrusion.
4. It is necessary to avoid dust, water droplets and metal or other debris intrusion in the storage state or during operation.
5, in the course of operation, be careful not to cover other impurities on the motor, so as not to hinder the heat dissipation, resulting in overheating of the motor.
6, pay attention to the heat of the motor at any time, remember not to overload the current and voltage.
7. Always check the collector ring for abnormal sparks. If there is any abnormal sound in the operation of the truss robot motor, it should be checked immediately.
8. The silicon rectifying components should be well ventilated, and the radiator and the casing should not be covered by articles that hinder heat dissipation.

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