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Truss robot

Product advantages
The truss robot is also called a Cartesian robot or a gantry robot. It is a multi-purpose manipulator that can realize automatic control, reprogrammable, multi-degree of freedom, and freedom of motion to create a space-right angle relationship. The behavior of the work is mainly done by completing the linear motion along the X, Y, and Z axes. The single-axis robot arm driven by the servo motor and the stepping motor is the basic working unit, and the ball screw and the synchronization are used. The belt and the rack and pinion are robot systems constructed by the common transmission mode, which can complete the arrival and follow the controllable motion track at any point in the XYZ three-dimensional coordinate system.

Application field
Truss robots can be widely used in common industrial production fields such as dispensing, dispensing, spraying, palletizing, sorting, packaging, welding, metal processing, handling, loading and unloading, assembly, printing, etc. , stable product quality and other aspects have significant application value.

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