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Application of CCD machine vision system

Working principle
In the intelligent manufacturing process, machine vision mainly uses computer to simulate human visual function. It has some functions of the human brain, that is, extracting information from the image of objective things, processing and understanding, and finally used for actual detection, measurement and control. . With the development of China's processing and manufacturing industry, people's demand for machine vision will gradually increase.
The development of machine vision has not been a single application. The software and hardware products of machine vision have gradually become an integral part of all stages of manufacturing, which puts higher requirements on the integration of the system. CCD visual inspection equipment is slowly accepted by the public, mainly thanks to the proposal of smart manufacturing 2025 slogan, many companies also want to use this opportunity to upgrade their own enterprises. First, to cope with the trend of industrial development, and secondly, with the increase of labor costs, the use of machine vision inspection equipment can help enterprises reduce unnecessary expenditures in the long run. In general, CCD vision inspection equipment is the future enterprise. The only way to transform and upgrade to smart manufacturing.
Application field
1. Automatic surface damage control system;
2. Motion track positioning adjustment;
3. Detection of outline dimensions;
4. Medical image analysis, metallographic analysis;
5. Quality inspection system;
6. Color sorting;
7. Production line detection system;
8. Intelligent traffic management system;

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