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Hot and cold punching machine loading and unloading robot

Hot stamping machine loading and unloading robot

Cold punching machine loading and unloading robot
Product advantages
The stamping manipulator is an automatic equipment for punching and hydraulic presses instead of manual automatic loading and unloading. It has vertical movement, horizontal rotation, horizontal axis expansion, workpiece rotation, workpiece turning and other multi-degree of freedom movements, and can be based on punch height and feeding. The height and the height of the material are automatically adapted to meet the requirements of various stamping processes, and realize the “unmanned” automatic production. According to the customer's stamping process requirements, we can customize a single punch automatic production or multiple punch online automated production line solutions to guide customers to rationalize equipment selection and avoid wrong equipment investment, thus creating value for customers.
Stamping robots are divided into 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis and 6-axis series to meet various stamping, drawing, forming and other process requirements. The robot can also realize turning, scraping, side-hanging or tilting, stacking, etc. Function, so as to achieve significant labor cost savings.

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