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Plate type PECVD automatic loading and unloading machine

Product advantages
The flat PECVD feeder is a device for automatically placing the battery from the battery carrier to the flat PECVD frame; the flat PECVD feeder is a device for placing the battery from the flat PECVD frame into the battery carrier. device of. The device is reasonable in design, small in volume, dual-channel battery sheet loading mechanism, fast loading speed, clever design, low battery bias and low fragmentation rate. It is a stable and reliable flat PECVD battery loading and unloading device.

●Speed: ≥ 3600 pieces / hour (adjustable); (the actual production capacity is specifically referred to the actual plan);
●Flexible and versatile solution, compact size and limited space, making it easy for customers to renovate existing production lines;
●Low fragmentation rate: ≤0.05%, the fixture design is exquisite, the battery sheet is subjected to small force, thereby reducing the loss of the battery in the subsequent process;
●Running time is up to 98.5%;
●Mature and stable equipment and software design; precision and durable parts;
●The PLC controls the man-machine interface, which is easy to understand, easy to operate, and has a short installation time. The installation and commissioning production can be completed within 2-3 days.

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